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Ubiety Technologies, Inc is dedicated to developing innovative device detection and Radio Frequency signaling products that improve the safety and security of homes, businesses, and communities.  We offer a fast-paced, highly collaborative startup environment where you will be inventing and developing transformative products to improve the lives of our customers.  You will be working alongside extremely talented engineers and creative designers from inception through delivery of a revolutionary product.

We’re looking for a data scientist to join Ubiety’s growing Data Team.  Our small but mighty team is responsible for all things data including internal reporting/dashboarding, ad-hoc analyses, core data science R&D on RF detection, and ML model development and deployment.  Because our team covers such a wide range of responsibilities, this role is an excellent opportunity to grow as a holistic data scientist developing skills such as data engineering, ML modeling, DevOps, as well as soft-skills.

Some examples of projects this role will tackle include:

  • Developing ML models to solve various problems such as classifying and counting nearby RF-emitting devices based on captured RF signals and metadata
  • Leading novel research efforts into cellular RF detection and generating insights based on captured data
  • Conducting research studies to understand RF data emitted by non-traditional devices (automobiles, drones, wearables, etc)
  • Fine tuning Cassandra queries or Snowflake access patterns to reduce latency and costs

This role reports to the Director of Data Science and sits within the Data Team.  Depending on the project you will have the opportunity to work with colleagues across the Data Team and the wider Engineering org, as well as independently.  You will have a lot of opportunities to take ownership and deliver on your work!

In addition to a competitive base salary, this position is also eligible for equity awards based on factors such as experience and performance.  We believe strongly that if you contribute to adding to Ubiety’s value, you should share in that value.

Standard Salary Range: $90k - $110k annually plus equity

What you'll need

  • MS Degree in Analytics, DS, or similar OR BS Degree in Analytics, Statistics, or similar with 1-2 years of relevant experience
  • Strong programming experience with Python Data Science toolkit  (pandas, numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, keras/pytorch, h2o)
  • Extensive experience pulling data from both SQL and NoSQL databases (e.g. Snowflake, Postgres, Cassandra, Redis)
  • Experience with basic Software Engineering concepts such as modularity and unit testing to facilitate moving code out of Jupyter notebooks and into our backend system
  • Experience developing Machine Learning models for both classification and regression problems utilizing a variety of algorithms and approaches
  • Experience developing visualizations and presentations to communicate results to non-technical audiences
  • Familiarity with basic AWS services
  • Experience with Git and contributing to projects with other developers
  • English language proficiency

What you'll be doing

  • Lead efforts to research and document the raw signaling data we are collecting
  • Ideate, formulate, and execute various research agendas
  • This includes everything from defining the problem, identifying relevant data sources, data collection/aggregation, and analysis
  • Create frameworks for various supervised and unsupervised ML problems
  • Actively contribute to the development of our core analytical engine to produce valuable insights to users from raw RF signal data
  • Write, audit, and improve our test coverage across our deployed ML products
  • Clearly communicate findings to key technical stakeholders
  • Drive a data driven culture across the entire company

Note: These responsibilities are just a starting place! We’re a small company, we don’t have rigid roles, and we have a lot to do - we can help you grow wherever your interests take you.

What we'll do for you

  • A small, tightly-knit team that cares about each other, and cares about leveling everyone up together!
  • A high level of autonomy, and opportunity to take as much of a leadership role as you are interested in
  • A highly collaborative environment with an extreme level of transparency and visibility at all levels of the company
  • A true meritocracy - we care about deliverables, not drama or politics.  We’ve got too much to do!
  • Competitive salary with equity ownership of a fast-growing company
  • Generous quarterly bonus incentive pool for accomplishing personal and company goals (including both cash and equity)
  • Continuous learning courses and training offered for free to all employees
  • Basic health care coverage at no cost to all employees
  • Flexible schedule
  • Unlimited PTO policy - Work hard, deliver on your goals, and then take the time to play hard, disconnect, and recharge.

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