Digital Presence Monitoring for Residential Awareness & Security

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Introducing HomeAware — the first smart home awareness and security solution designed to secure and inform today’s busy homeowners and their families.

HomeAware V3M Sensor

Monitoring & Detection

HomeAware Mobile Application

Alerting, Assessment, & Management

Business Use Case

Today’s home security solutions lack a reliable way to quickly and easily assess the presence of people in the house — leading to high false-alarm rates, high account churn, and low customer satisfaction. Motion and magnet sensors keep homeowners in the dark. Video surveillance is invasive, expensive, and rarely results in the identification of an intruder. Homeowners attempt to resolve a high-risk situation with inconclusive information, resulting in added stress and fear instead of less. Homeowners have to know that they can rely on their security systems.

The right solution needs to be always-on, accurate and reliable, and provide real-time insight. This minimizes the amount of confusion, frustration, and anxiety the customer will experience.

Residential False-Alarm Rate
Estimated Annual Spend on False-Alarm Dispatches
Average Residental Security Customer Churn Rate

Value Proposition

Don’t wonder, stress, or worry — know who’s in your home from anywhere with HomeAware, the first digital presence monitoring solution.

The HomeAware sensor and application combine to provide customers real-time, accurate, unbiased, and dynamic insights into peoples' presence that can easily be acted upon in the event of an emergency. Since devices are a strong indication of presence, our approach to detection and identification cuts down on unnecessary alerts and costly false-alarm dispatches.

By adding known devices to their profiles, users have 24/7 insight into when a device enters their home and who it belongs to. This allows the application to deliver everyday value outside of security threats, informing busy homeowners when teens arrive safe from school, if the nanny is late, or if other home awareness concerns arise.

As a single device, HomeAware is a powerful standalone solution and seamless addition to current security systems to shore up false detections and enhance the context of each alert. It’s also an affordable entry-level system for first-time buyers.

Leave customer churn behind and capture customer enthusiasm with the future of home security. HomeAware evolves the traditional security experience by adding a revolutionary new layer of digital detection. This, in tandem with the added value of awareness outside of security situations, is how HomeAware empowers security solutions to deliver a much greater value proposition to today’s busy, tech-hungry security customers.

Homeowner Applications


Unhelpful Assistance

Don’t allow your security solution to fail to provide homeowners insight and action when it matters most.


Mistaken Identity

Identity should never be in question. Let homeowners know exactly who is in their house.


Unexpected Arrival

Give homeowners a clear distinction between unexpected guests and home intruders.


Digital Presence Monitoring for Residential Awareness & Security

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