Ubiety develops advanced AI technology, software, and hardware solutions to detect and understand people’s physical presence via wireless devices.

Our Artificial Intelligence

Eckleburg is Ubiety's custom AI platform designed to analyze high-velocity radio frequency data from digital devices, utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced machine learning algorithms trained on proprietary data to provide unmatched 'presence detection' capabilities.

The Problems we Solve

Ubiety Technologies addresses several key problems and challenges across industries in the field of security, situational awareness, and physical presence monitoring:

  • Anomaly Detection: Ubiety's technology helps detect anomalies in physical presence. It can identify unfamiliar devices entering a location, such as a home or a commercial space, without the need for these devices to connect to Wi-Fi. This helps in recognizing potential security threats or unauthorized access.
  • Situational Awareness: Ubiety enhances situational awareness by providing real-time insights into the number and types of devices present in an area. For instance, it can alert homeowners to unexpected or excessive device activity, helping them stay informed about their surroundings.
  • Security Without Intrusiveness: One of the significant challenges in security is maintaining privacy while ensuring safety. Ubiety's technology accomplishes this by analyzing passive radio frequency (RF) signals, eliminating the need for intrusive cameras or microphones in homes or workplaces.
  • Scalability: Traditional security solutions often struggle to scale efficiently. Ubiety's technology is designed for scalability, making it suitable for various settings, from residential to commercial and community applications.
  • IoT Device Monitoring: With the proliferation of IoT devices, it becomes challenging to keep track of all connected devices and their activities. Ubiety can monitor a wide range of wireless protocols and devices, providing insights into the presence and behavior of IoT devices.
  • Data-Driven Insights: By analyzing RF data and employing advanced machine learning algorithms, Ubiety can provide valuable data-driven insights that are otherwise invisible. This data can be used to enhance both security and the customer experience.


Advanced AI

Presence Engine
Eckleburg is Ubiety's AI platform designed to analyze high-velocity radio frequency data from digital devices. It utilizes cutting-edge technology and machine learning algorithms, trained on proprietary data sets, to provide unique presence detection capabilities unmatched by others.


Connected Data Platform

Presence Fidelity
Our revolutionary Connected Data Platform is the backbone of our entire ecosystem. Its architecture powers real-time processing of any volume of traffic with apex accuracy. It simultaneously ingests and translates traffic into understandable and actionable customer insights.


V3M Sensor

Bluetooth & WiFi Detection
Powered by multiple radio frequency sensors, the V3M detects all Bluetooth and WiFi activity within a defined space with industry-leading precision. Our sensors display world-class intelligence, cutting through radio frequency noise to distinguish not just generic activity levels, but granular details like device types. It is the hub for the always-on HomeAware solution, detecting the state of presence of devices in real-time.


V3F Sensor

Cellular, Bluetooth & WiFi Detection
Our V3F sensor commands the signal spectrum within its deployed location, pinpointing all Cellular, Bluetooth, and WiFi signal activity. Powered by all three categories of radio frequency sensors, it detects the most complete signal spectrum on the home security market. It is the hub for the always-on HomeAware solution providing advanced presence fidelity detection.

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