We’re forging a more informed, secure, and responsive future with our deeper understanding of presence.

Our Work

We’re a sensor array and data analytics company crafting state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions that enable an elevated and intuitive understanding of people’s physical presence via wireless devices.



Digital Presence Monitoring
HomeAware enables homeowners to quickly and reliably monitor for the presence of people via wireless device detection without reading, watching, or collecting private information.


V3M Sensor

Bluetooth & WiFi Detection
Powered by multiple radio frequency sensors, the V3M detects all Bluetooth and WiFi activity within a defined space with industry-leading precision. Our sensors display world-class intelligence, cutting through radio frequency noise to distinguish not just generic activity levels, but granular details like device types. It is the hub for the always-on HomeAware solution, detecting the state of presence of devices in real-time.


V3F Sensor

Cellular, Bluetooth & WiFi Detection
Our V3F sensor commands the signal spectrum within its deployed location, pinpointing all Cellular, Bluetooth, and WiFi signal activity. Powered by all three categories of radio frequency sensors, it detects the most complete signal spectrum on the home security market. It is the hub for the always-on HomeAware solution providing advanced presence fidelity detection.


Advanced AI

Presence Engine
Our proprietary artificial intelligence is the brain of our ecosystem. It utilizes real-time device data from Ubiety hardware to create a single view of people’s physical presence in the monitored space.


Connected Data Platform

Presence Fidelity
Our revolutionary Connected Data Platform is the backbone of our entire ecosystem. Its architecture powers real-time processing of any volume of traffic with apex accuracy. It simultaneously ingests and translates traffic into understandable and actionable customer insights.

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