About Ubiety

Our mission is to drive the next generation of security and response innovations by leveraging our understanding of people's physical presence through wireless devices.

About Ubiety

We are on a mission to power the next generation of responsive innovations through the better understanding of people’s physical presence.


We’re a team of technologists and creatives filling a critical information gap between technology and people’s presence. We have a strong core of ethics and values as an organization, which is key to upholding the sanctity and security of the residential, commercial, and public spaces our solution will be deployed.

Ubiety means the quality or state of being in a place. It's the state of being placed in a definite local relation: POSITION, LOCATION. It's the abstract quality of being in position: WHERENESS.


Values vitalize our mission, are core to the culture we’ve developed internally, and inform the outcomes we produce as an organization.


We act and speak truthfully.

Quality Driven

We strive to exceed expectations and drive excellence.


We experiment, continue to learn, listen to feedback, and adapt quickly.


We are committed to working together to accomplish our goals.


We take responsibility for our outcomes.

Privacy & Security

We are committed to protecting our customer's data and privacy.

Our Principles

Human centered
We work in tech but we are real humans solving problems for fellow humans. They say only two kinds of companies call their customers users: drug manufactures and software companies. At Ubiety, we call them (and treat them) like human beings.
Privacy first
Before any other hire, our founder hired legal counsel. We wanted to build this with individual privacy in mind from its foundation. Privacy is threaded into everything that we do, and it is key to our growth and success.
Data forward
We use data to discover new opportunities that make lives better. Data is the fuel we use to make decisions and power our technology, and this data is always driven and managed by real humans.
Kind and open
We ask that everyone at Ubiety bring their whole selves to work every day. We share and collaborate often… and even when we disagree, we treat each other with respect and kindness. We are made up of outsiders in an industry new to us, so we work together to learn, grow, and succeed.
Trust is our currency
Trust is hard to gain and easy to lose so we must use it wisely. We know that our technology needs to be depended upon in some of the most fraught circumstances, so our products must meet a higher standard of trust. Trust is also a key part of how “Ubies” work together. We aren’t afraid to be vulnerable or ask questions because we trust that we all have the best intentions.
We have grit
We know that failure is necessary to get to success. We see this in how our AI models process data, in our team, and in the products we offer. Failure is just the end of one iteration; we learn from it, pick each other up, and keep going. We know that things that matter are hard and our team has the courage and endurance to succeed.
Perfection is the enemy of progress
We believe it’s better to move forward and learn than to sit in analysis paralysis. Our team is made up of industry outsiders, learning as we go. We regularly employ the “crawl, walk, run” mindset… if you iterate quickly and constantly improve with each iteration, before you know it you’ve got a really powerful capability in your hands.
Move quickly, but don't hurry
At Ubiety we move very quickly, but not so much that we aren’t considerate and conscientious in what we do. Every contribution is important and we take pride in the work we do.
Joy at work
We believe people work best when they can find purpose and joy in what they do and who they work with. Ubies are motivated by our close relationships, our focus on growth, and doing important work together.

World-Class Team

We’ve gathered a best-in-class team of leaders, engineers, investors, and advisors from the most prestigious institutions and businesses.

Open Positions


“A 1-2 sentence quote on why they invested in Ubiety and what they our potential being. A 1-2 sentence quote on why they invested in Ubiety and what they our potential being.”

John Doe

Doe Investments Inc.

“A 1-2 sentence quote on why they invested in Ubiety and what they our potential being. A 1-2 sentence quote on why they invested in Ubiety and what they our potential being.”

John Doe

Doe Investments Inc.
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