Our cutting-edge technology is driven by advanced engineering, software development, and artificial intelligence expertise.


Our cutting-edge technology is powered by some of the brightest minds in engineering, software, and artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI engine, Eckleburg, combines state of the art data streaming capabilities and cutting edge technology with advanced Machine Learning algorithms to deliver presence insights that no one else in the world can offer today.

Context means everything to our solution, and we’re gaining this context through our advanced artificial intelligence. We’re developing methods to feed our artificial intelligence both real-world and synthetically-generated data to expand its anomaly detection and overall understanding of presence.

Radio frequency sensors face the less than harmonious challenge of cutting through the “Wall of Noise” that devices produce on a radio frequency level. A less sophisticated solution would simply receive and store this abundance of activity in the form of raw data. Our AI takes this noise and transforms it into a symphony of valuable insights and actionable data.

Cloud Platform

Architected with precision, our cloud infrastructure is the backbone that powers our solutions with industry-leading intelligence and infinite scalability.

Not only is our cloud infrastructure meticulously architected to process raw data extremely well, it’s designed to adapt and scale in real-time. It serves as the backbone to our entire ecosystem, translating raw data to rich insights at extremely high levels of reliability, efficiency, and accuracy.

We’re maturing our data ecosystem and enriching it with a near infinite number of insights and scenarios to ensure precision. This occurs organically through our deployed sensors collecting signal data.

It also occurs synthetically through our proprietary synthetic data generation platform, which can simulate an infinite number of scenarios, equipping our data platform to process highly probable and seemingly impossible situations with the same level of ease and accuracy.

Our best-in-class cloud IoT platform allows us to:

  • Instantly deploy updates to our entire fleet of sensors (e.g. software, firmware, OS, kernel)
  • Monitor the health of all sensors in real-time
  • Constantly adapt and optimize our system’s performance by using powerful and specialized microservices

Unique cloud environments and encryption codes are created for each sensor to support data privacy and security.


Always-on and offering the most complete range of device detection on the home security market.

Our patented sensors — V3M and V3F — listen for device activity, collecting the most complete spectrum of frequency ranges on the market.

This device activity includes WiFi signaling, Cellular signaling, Bluetooth signaling, Network discovery, and WiFi fingerprint. By listening for these active and passive signals that devices give off naturally, our sensors only collect data that cannot reveal people’s identities in itself. The data comes in the form of depersonalized device information — pseudonymous attributes and identifiers from devices and networks.

3 Generations of Progress


Our initial sensor was capable of monitoring and reporting all on-network device activity. This provided context on all known devices within a home’s WiFi network.


Through product testing and research, V2 took an immense leap forward, enabling sensors to listen to passive bluetooth and WiFi signals. This version was also the introduction of Software Defined Radios that could detect cellular devices not connected to the home’s network.


Sensors are now able to be custom built at a lower cost. The design is sleeker and more modern. The radio frequency performance of the sensor is more quiet and stable.

Patents & Intellectual Property

Our revolutionary technologies are backed by six patents.

We've been granted 6 patents. We are actively engaged in building an IP pipeline to reflect the continued research and development in core focus areas of our capabilities.

Engineering Team

Our elite team of engineers, architects, and developers are redefining what’s possible to forge an intuitive state of presence.

Our engineers chose Ubiety over some of the most prestigious technology teams in the country. Their work has created new standards for the next generation of AI and Machine Learning, and supported the initiatives of our nation’s top organizations — DARPA, the Department of Defense, and NASA.

What brings our engineering team together is the thrill of breaking ground in uncharted territory. They are confident in their collective intelligence and abilities, but understand their limitations. They stay curious and open to tackling challenges that other technology teams would deem impossible. Above all else, they aren’t afraid to fail in order to unveil the next phase of possible.

Interested in joining the mission?

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