Chicago, IL
June 12, 2023

Ubiety Technologies Strengthens its Advisory Board with the Appointment of Veteran Business Leader and Security Expert Peter Giacalone

Accomplished Security Alarm industry expert Peter Giacalone is being added to Ubiety Technologies' Advisory Board.

Ubiety Technologies, Inc. (creators of HomeAware, the first digital presence monitoring solution) announced today that its board of directors named seasoned security expert Peter Giacalone to its Advisory Board. Giacalone, who has led some of the industry leading security monitoring and alarm companies in the United States, brings a broad set of business management and industry expertise to Ubiety Technologies. As a long-time contributor to the security industry, Giacalone also has a passion for finding new technologies that are poised to have a large impact on the industry – and helping deliver those technologies to the market.

"Peter impressed us with his industry expertise and vision for the future of the residential security, commercial security, and life safety sectors. Peter is the leading industry voice discussing transformational change of security by integrating 'presence detection' and 'occupancy' capabilities to unlock situational awareness and actionable intelligence. His talents and experience will be invaluable as we take our world's-first presence detection capabilities to market. We are excited to have Peter on our Advisory Board and look forward to working closely with him."

- Keith Puckett, CEO & Co-Founder of Ubiety Technologies

Mr. Giacalone, President of Giacalone Associates, LLC is a widely respected advisor and consultant focused on the electronic security, physical security, and life safety industries. Throughout Mr. Giacalone's forty-five-year career he has earned great success leading a variety of national Central Station Monitoring Companies, including serving as President of MACE, a division of the well-known pepper spray company. As Chief Operating Officer, Peter led his team to build the largest third-party central station monitoring company in the United States, Criticom International. While serving as COO of Criticom International, he and his team grew the company from a regional forty-five thousand account monitoring center to the largest third-party monitoring center in the United States.

Mr. Giacalone's current firm provides subject matter expert advice to organizations both domestically and internationally. Mr. Giacalone's client base includes some of the largest security organizations in North America, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Mr. Giacalone is well known for his operational expertise and frequently collaborates with lenders, private equity and the investment community as a Subject Matter Expert lead during operational due diligence.

Ubiety's discussions with Giacalone have focused on Ubiety's go-to-market strategy to deploy its new "presence detection" capabilities, which include the ability to detect the presence of people based on the Radio Frequency signals coming from the devices they are carrying, and the ability to ascertain context and information about the protected environment based on RF activity. These capabilities are based on the combination of Ubiety's novel, patented RF Sensor Platform and its Artificial Intelligence engine which provides state-of-the-art classification/categorization capabilities. Ubiety is working with industry leaders toward OEM, Monitoring and Platform "design wins" that allow their patented AI, software and hardware capabilities to be embedded into existing security systems in homes throughout the world.

"The proliferation of Radio Frequency emitting devices including phones, watches, tablets and wearables makes digital detection, categorization and identification the next generation of security solutions.

Ubiety's Presence Detection capabilities integrated into security alarm panels and other connected home platforms, including routers, is
a no-brainer to unlock massive value for the entire industry. Ubiety's occupant presence data delivers situational awareness about people's presence, including during security alarms. This unique dataset will significantly reduce false alarm rates by providing the context necessary to augment alarm monitoring providers' confirmation, verification, and notification procedures. Considering TMA AVS-01, presence detection is anticipated to be very attractive to the National Alarm Dealers, OEMs, monitoring companies, and software platforms."

- Peter Giacolone

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