Effective May 9th, 2022

Job Candidate Privacy Statement

Thank you for considering becoming an employee of HomeAware! This Privacy Statement  explains (1) where we get information during the job application process; (2) what information we collect; (3) how we use that information; and (4) how you can access, correct, or request deletion of that information. Please read this notice carefully before submitting information to us in support of your candidacy. 

If you are a HomeAware user, your information is governed by our Beta User Terms of Use and Service, and our HomeAware Beta User Privacy Statement.


Most of the information we collect during the job application process comes directly from you. We also may gather information from recruiters, other people who know you or have worked with you in the past, or social media like LinkedIn.


We may collect the following types of information about you during your job application process:

  1. Contact information: Like your name, street address, phone number, and email address.
  2. Qualifications / Work Experience: From your resume, CV, cover letter, biography, education, transcripts, or any other information you provide us during the application process.
  3. Interview Responses: Information provided during a phone screening or other interview.
  4. Reference / Background Checks: Information provided by references, or through background checks to verify and assess your qualifications.
  5. Job Preferences: Like details about the type of employment, salary, and benefits you would like, or your willingness to relocate. 
  6. Travel and Expense Records: If we pay for you to visit us during the application process.
  7. Demographic and Health Data: If you choose to share it during the application process.


We use the information we collect in support of our application and recruitment process, and as is required by law. This includes:

  1. Assessing your skills, qualifications, and interests as it pertains to our job openings.
  2. Validating reference checks and conducting background checks as appropriate.
  3. Communicating with you about the application process and available openings.
  4. When requested by you, assisting you with obtaining an immigration visa or work permit.
  5. Arranging or reimbursing you for travel.
  6. Complying with laws, regulations, and enforceable government requests.
  7. Recordkeeping, improving our hiring and recruitment process, or as needed in internal investigations or legal proceedings.

We share your information outside of HomeAware only with service providers who we have hired to help us in the application process, as legally required, or with your consent. All service providers will be bound by contract to treat your information confidentially and use your information only in support of the application process.


If you accept employment with HomeAware, the information will become part of your employment file.

If your application for employment is withdrawn or unsuccessful, we will retain your information for a period of time after your application. We retain this information for various reasons, including to consider you for other potential jobs, to help us better understand and improve our recruiting processes, and in case we face a legal challenge to our recruitment processes.

If you would like to access, correct, or request deletion of your information, please contact privacy@homeaware.com.  We will do our best to comply with your request, although we may retain some information if required by law or as necessary to protect ourselves from legal claims.


If you have questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please contact privacy@homeaware.com. Our privacy policies may be modified from time to time, and any changes will be posted on our website, with the effective date of the changes at the top of the document.

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